God’s Health Laws 

Ever wondered what the Bible has to say about living a healthy life? Did you know the Bible has a wealth of health information and teaches us what foods we are to eat and which to avoid in order to avoid getting sick with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases?  

This is a one of a kind 279 pages long eBook that you won’t find anywhere else and has never before been published to such a degree, where we tie the Word of God and modern day science. This eBook includes over 100 recipes so you can get started today! This eBook will improve YOUR LIFE! I don’t care if you are a Catholic, Orthodox, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Anglican, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, 7th Day Adventist, Congregational or any other denomination. This eBook applies to all religions and denominations around the world and will help YOU!  

WHY you may ask? Because there is only one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and if you believe that God created the earth, the stars, the universe and you, then he surely knows what your body needs to eat in order to live a healthy and long life. And somewhere in His spoken Word, the Bible; He must have given us some information on what to eat and not what to eat in order to live a healthy and long life while we are in these flesh bodies.  

This eBook is about God and Science coming together, where God’s Word is supported by Science and not disputed like most people believe. The truth lies in God’s Word.  

Avoid the noise and confusion out in the media today. The media feeds us so many lies paid for by drug companies and food companies. Get the inside scoop on how to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle straight from the Bible. Good health from a biblical perspective and not through man’s eyes.  

Some argue that biblical dietary restrictions are silly, old fashioned and merely limit human freedoms and pleasures! Others teach that these instructions were for people living under the Old Covenant and that Christians, who are under a New Covenant, are free to eat whatever they want.  

Many unclean animals are scavengers (e.g. snails, crabs, lobsters and pigs)—their ecological role is to devour dead plants or animals. Other unclean animals are filter feeders (e.g. clams and oysters)—their ecological role is to purify water in lakes, streams and estuaries. Other unclean animals are predators (e.g. lions, snakes and alligators)—their ecological role is to manage the size and health of other animal populations. There are very important ecological reasons why unclean animals that God created are not to serve as food for human beings. God designed them for another purpose!  

Would you eat the contents of your vacuum cleaner bag or your garbage disposal?  

That’s what millions of us are doing every day.  

Diets don’t work!!!  

If all these diets we hear about in the media really worked then we would’ve solved our obesity problem and why are there so many diets out there? Even to this day, we still hear new authors writing books and preaching the gospel of a new diet on TV talk shows, trying to convince us that they have found the Holy Grail that is going to work on everyone if they follow their diet plan. Then after a while…You never hear from them anymore…I WONDER WHY? Maybe cause their diet plan doesn’t work?  

The market realized it was a scam or a fad and simply dropped it. This happens every year beloved, stop chasing these stupid diets that deprive you of critical nutrition that your body needs. And let’s not mention the increased chance of you getting a disease through these fly by night diets!  

Ya, I could sit here and write about the pros and cons of the Jenny Craig diet, Weight Watchers diet plan, low fat diet, low calorie diet, low carb diet and the Atkins diet just to name a few. But why would I waste your precious time and even more confuse you on what’s right and what is wrong? The truth about all these diets is that they all contradict themselves on different key points and elements.  

NONE of them have all the real answers of how to properly fuel this body and make it work properly. They may have a certain point right but the rest is all wrong, or they may even come close having most points right but fail you on some other key points that are critical for you in avoiding disease. Hence we have confusion and no real solution to our chronic obesity problem in North America and diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes that kill millions each year, all caused by our bad eating habits. 

What if?  

What if we showed you what God’s Word really has to say about what foods YOU should eat and what foods you should avoid. Yes, God didn’t leave that out for us; He gave us clear instructions on what to eat so we can live a healthy life in this flesh body that He created!!! He created this body, He shall surely know what are the right foods that shall fuel it to live a long and healthy life; and not your doctor or dietitian. This is common sense, right? The Bible is a letter of instructions written for you and to be followed by you.  

Our body is a masterpiece creation with excess capacity, the human brain contains about 10 billion nerve cells, or neurons, each is capable of storing 40 billion memories, we lose a few couple hundred daily depending how we abuse our brain from food and drink. Our body also has 2 kidneys which we can greatly deal with only part of one of them if we have to and also 2 lungs. God provided great excess capacity to all of our vital organs and yet we abuse them so badly that sometimes we wear them out in only 30 to 60 years!!! We all know of a loved one or friend that has passed away way too soon and way too young. This is the great tragedy!  

In this eBook you’ll find out the Truth about your body, for example, Did God give us a guideline, a menu, a prescription to live by? He really did and it begins with the principle that all the fat belongs to the Lord.  

In this eBook you’ll discover how fat, blood from meat and sugar are concentrates that the body cannot tolerate in quantities, in digesting them we give way to so many waste products that even these kidneys that have excess capacity cannot handle them properly and causes disease. So think twice before ordering that big fatty steak “bloody” or “medium rare” or eating 2 chocolate bars a day as an afternoon snack.  

You will also learn that it takes 7 times as much water for the kidneys to detoxify fats and proteins as it does for carbohydrates. Did you also know most of the cholesterol needed by our bodies is made by our own liver?  

  • We’ll also discuss the great age old controversy about pork. Is bacon, ham or pork chops good for us to eat?  
  • You’ll also find out which commonly eaten meat can cause parasites and diseases to be easily transmitted to humans like trichinosis, cysticercosis, and brucellosis. Yuk!  
  • You’ll also discover that exercise is also instructed by your Father if you want to live a healthy life. This body was meant to move and not sit on a chair and couch all day! Remember “if you don’t use it, you will lose it”, and that applies to your body as well. Lack of exercise is one of your worst health enemies but the remedy is so simple. We don’t tell you to hit the gym and do heavy weight lifting; a simple 3 mile walk is all the body needs!  
  • The major illnesses and diseases of today are 80% preventable; we can cut the death rate now by offering our food intake to the proper food. What is it then that we should eat? God has given us a guideline for the foods that we should avoid.  
  • God also gives us his instructions on sanitation and the importance of quarantine and isolation; yes he didn’t leave these important instructions out when someone is infected with a bacterial disease. We have clear step by step instructions straight from the Bible.  
  • This eBook will also tell you which meats are safe for you to eat and how to properly cook them to avoid digesting all the waste products. Beef, lamb, pork, deer, goat… We break it down for you.  
  • FISH? Yes, not all fish are fit to be consumed by us humans. We’ll break down the entire list for you, the good and the bad and we’ll point out which fish are the scavengers of the oceans meant to clean them up with their stomach and dangerous to your health! You’ll be surprised!  
  • And we have the low down on the birds; chicken or turkey? The truth about eggs, all backed up by God’s Word.  

We’ll teach you how to never diet, (yes you read correctly, we won’t deprive you of any calories in this eBook) eat safe proper food, don’t go hungry, don’t skip meals, enjoy every bite and give thanks to the Lord before every meal.  

The American Heart Association state that 30% of your daily calories as fat is ok. We say that is TOO MUCH and reveal to you what percentage your body can actually cope with! The average American eats 40-50% of their calories as fat!!!  

We break down the percentage of fat in each food category for you and how to properly calculate your fat intake. We go into detail about animal fat like cheese, butter, milk and eggs and how these foods should be eaten. We’ll also explain to you how vegetable fats like vegetable oil actually cause cancer and are considered toxic for your body. Something the Big Food companies don’t want you to know.  

Fat, protein and carbs…What’s the right percentage breakdown for your daily calories in order for you to look and feel better and live longer? This is not a diet plan but a lifestyle change if you want to shed the pounds but also minimize your chances of getting heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc…  

We’ll explain to you how none of us get everything 100% exactly right, we all fail from time to time and it’s ok to pig out from time to time.  

What else will you learn?  

  • How to calculate the percentage of calories from fat, carbohydrates and protein 
  • Which food is the best source of protein 
  • Which food you can eat 50% of your daily calories 
  • The best way to cook your meats to get rid of the cholesterol 
  • What strategy to take if you are diagnosed with cancer 
  • How the food industry is dollar driven and expect deception all of the time. They don’t care about you, the only thing that motivates them is profit. 
  • How the Bible is a book of prevention…from Genesis to Revelation 
  • Fiber is the hero and the importance of magnesium for you to have a good stool 
  • Which food has more protein per calorie than even meat? Find out! 
  • The eBook contains over 100 recipes and is 279 pages long!!!!  

The dangerous truth about polyunsaturated fats such as margarine, corn oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil and many other oils are REVEALED. You often see in advertisements of oils that claim not to have any cholesterol but what food companies don’t tell YOU is that…… You’ll find out the simple truth in this eBook.  

Without medicine, we’ll explain to you how you can reduce your total cholesterol level by 25% in 3 weeks with proper diet and your risk dropping by 50%.  

True science is just a study of God’s nature, when science doesn’t agree with the Bible, we better go back to the drawing board, either science is confused or we haven’t understood God’s Word. True science is the study of God’s creation. Real meaningful prevention is ignored; nutrition is the major factor in such things as health and disease. HE IS OUR ROCK AND OUR FOUNDATION. Is he the foundation of your life?  

God has created these flesh bodies that our souls live in, and He knows what is good for them to survive in good health, and He is warning us of those things that are poison to our flesh body. God is giving to YOU, through the health law writings of Moses, the key to maintaining good health, and it is up to you to obtain that wisdom, and obey God's instructions, as much as possible.  

Why does God provide the health laws for us, on what we can eat? Why are they an abomination to you? Because they carry things within them that will tare down your immune system and make you sick. It may not be instant, but in the course of time, and the amount you eat, in time will catch up with YOU, and damage your health.  

Is the need for more protein is exaggerated particularly in advertisements and many athletes believe more protein is better? Get the facts straight!  

With proper diet and adequate exercise with no smoking, we can eliminate 80% of these illnesses that plague us right now! Can you believe that?  

Cancer kills 21% of our people and heart disease kills 52% every year; that is a total of 73% of all deaths caused by these 2 main diseases. 80% is preventable with no drugs; no money and no doctor visits just by avoiding _______ (fill in the blank by reading this eBook!)  

  • You’ll find out why Dutch women have the highest rate of breast cancer and why Japanese women have the lowest in the world. 
  • God knew that we could not tolerate the _______________ (fill in the blank) and He warned us in His Word, He is good to us but we are an ignorant people, we go our way instead of His way. He wrote in His Word, the Bible, have you read it lately?
  • You’ll get the truth about bread, often called “the staff of life”, what man does wrong with it!  

Learn what the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico have been eating for the past 2000 years and have never seen one single case of cancer!  

The medical profession’s answer to high blood pressure is to put you on medicine or prescribed drugs if you prefer, for the rest of your life!  

We give you another alternative. You can’t simply poison yourself into health with drugs called medicine.  

Find out which prescribed drugs cause 50% of men to become impotent within 2 years and learn how prescription drugs make the cure worse than the disease itself.  

Over 4 ½ million people are rushed to the emergency every year from prescribed drug problems through drug interactions and bad reactions particularly the combination of drugs and many people are allergic to them. Don’t be one of them!  

We identify the top 4 killers in men and women and how YOU CAN CURE YOUR DIABETES! What you need to do to simply have your diabetes go away. We prove medical schools wrong by showing you that diabetes is not a hereditary disease.  

Let me ask you this simple question, is more health care or Obamacare the answer?  

Health is the greatest wealth, don’t eat yourself to death, eat for a healthier YOU!  

Hippocrates, the father of medicine said: “Let your food be the medicine and let your medicine be your food.”  

Universities and medical schools spend little time teaching doctors how to prevent disease, you must take responsibility yourself. People need health advice and not more health care.  

Our society is fascinated with pills and no drug company or scientist has developed nor will ever develop a magic pill to cure us from not respecting God’s health laws.  

The Bible didn’t leave out stress and worry in our lives. Telling us not to worry basically and in Matthew 6:25 it reads:  

25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?  


And this eBook is jam-packed with even more health law tips straight from God’s Word!!!  

  • Eating this common food group is one of the chief and most direct causes of tooth decay. Learn which. 
  • We show you the link between eating red meat consumption and mortality 
  • How our overall death rate goes down by 50% if you exercise regularly 
  • We’ll reveal the one fruit to eat after you exercise that has 7 times more potassium than 10 ounces of Gatorade! 
  • How to deal with osteoporosis and what you should do to avoid losing bone mass  

We won’t let pharmaceutical companies off the hook here!!!  

  • We expose Big Pharma and food companies, how you are overprescribed drugs you actually don’t need 
  • How drug companies are inventing diseases and it’s called disease mongering 
  • How Big Pharma loves government medicine because they make more money, “in bed together” both building up their monopolies and only interested in making more money. 
  • How is it that Americans pay more for prescription drugs than anywhere else in the world? 
  • We finish it all off by providing you with an easy 4 step plan that a child can understand.  

We finish it all off by providing you with an easy 4 step plan that a child can understand.  

Below are some of the testimonials I’ve received from some of the readers of “The Holy Grail of Health”. I thank all of you for being thoughtful and taking the time to write to me about your successes that you’ve had with my eBook and for allowing me to share your thoughts with the world about how you enjoyed this step by step instructions straight out of God’s Word, the Bible. Written by our heavenly Father to YOU!