You know, they say that the least important word in the English vocabulary is the word I. But it is also a word in which we love to use a lot these days. We love to use it because we all love to talk about ourselves. Blessed is the man or woman who doesn’t, or is wise enough not to - talk about themselves that is. That is a precious gift and if I had possessed such a gift and the wisdom to discern it, I probably would not have been in the predicament in which I found myself; and probably would not be on record in a police data base for as long as I live. This book is no exception to the rule, since this an autobiography of my latter years there is no way around it. Most authors write for the sole purpose of personal gain and success and this of course means different things to different people. But this book goes beyond that. You see, I have been falsely accused of murder! Or at least of having some prior knowledge of it. I have never been charged with anything, but I have been accused of participation. So this book was not really written as much for self gain (although that would be nice) as much as it is to get my story out there. That is Gods honest truth. If at some point I am wrongfully charged with something I had no part in, I want people to know my side of the story for what it really is and not the twisted facts and ideas from a crown attorney, the police or the media. Now! This story really does not and cannot have an ending. Unless I die or the police find the actual killer or killers. Who in my opinion, with all their expensive toys, special units and accumulated knowledge, will never find. Who would commit such a brutal and senseless murder of a neighbor and a friend? If the police had a clue, they would not be wasting their time and thousands of tax payer’s dollars investigating me, my family, my ex’s, my friends and everyone associated with me. Nor would they be throwing money away on (double) police stings and counterproductive tactics while the killer walks free. You will see why, to at least some of the questions as you read on. So if you are looking for a happy ending or closure, you will not find it in this story. But I promise you! If you do read it to the end, you will be reading one of the best real life drama’s you have ever come across lately. Especially here in Canada, supposedly land of the free. Nothing in this story was fabricated, exaggerated or bent. The facts come from what the police have said to me or to others, things that people in general have said, things that have happened before my own eyes and the obvious deductions of things that have taken place. So sit back and be prepared to be taken on a journey – my journey. An emotional roller coaster of chaos, tension and sleepless nights. Nights that has led me to the disbelief and credulity of our justice system and the police.

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