If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Hello, my friend. My name is Dr. Paul Duarte and I am here today to help you realize your dream of becoming a successful on-line entrepreneur. Making a living on-line is not easy, THE FACE OF THE INTERNET IS CHANGING at a rapid pace and you have to adapt to that change or get left behind. With a little knowledge and hard work, there is no reason why YOU can't be making a six figure income in one to two years.

IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT. WE ARE GOING TO TEACH YOU, HOW TO BUILD A SECOND INCOME ON-LINE AND HAVE PEOPLE BEG YOU TO SHOW THEM HOW. I am sure that you have seen dozens or even hundreds of videos. telling you how to make a million in six months or a year (like this fellow on the left - Stuart Ross); who is popping up everywhere on-line. What we are about to show you took us about 3 years to learn and master, perhaps you can do it in a much faster time, by avoiding our pitfalls. This is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme. So if that is what you are looking for, you are in the wrong place.  

It can happen, if you have the determination, the money and the drive. If you have an insatiable thirst for success, combined with a little hard work on your part, you can make it happen.  

1. If you are moderately computer savvy, and your expertise goes beyond checking e-mail and Facebook feeds, you can make it online.  

2. If you can absorb information quickly (fast learner) and adapt to changes. You can make it online. The dot.com bubble has burst, and there is no shortage of regulations, with more on the way. So it is a little more difficult now. However If you can adapt fairly quickly, no problem. Think outside the box. With scores of people wanting a piece of the pie and chasing down the same markets, you need some strategies that differ somewhat.  

3. If you don't mind hard work now, to be truly free later, then you will have a good chance of making it big on-line. In a short time, you can replace your job and work for yourself on your own terms. Say goodbye to your boss and your alarm clock forever.  

Although these 3 rules apply, having some basic computer skills and allowing for your profits to grow over time, you can achieve some pretty amazing results.  

The problem is that people are looking for instant gratification (like what the get rich quick videos promise) and if their site doesn't produce results within the 24 hours or a week, they quit.  

Don't get fooled by videos of guys/girls telling you how to make a million, in rented mansions and rented Lamborghini's. (did you ever noticed that aside from basic furniture, these places are void of trinkets and the things that make a house a home?); avoid videos by kids with bad hair, telling how to be a millionaire from their moms basement in front of fancy posters or wallpaper, or guys that look like they just got out of bed and can't afford a razor. (everyone is an expert). One of the most honest ads, I have seen so far is put out by this guy Kaela Kanae. Click here

We are not going to insult your intelligence by doing any of that. Nor, would we put up articles on our News blog, bitching about YouTube deleting everyone's account (including ours) for uploading controversial content threir leftist views. 

Or Google closing our Adsense account on accusations of unauthorized clicks or click bombing click here; usually the day before payday. 

Or Facebook closing down our access to FB Groups, accusing us of spam. Even when we took every precaution not to break the rules. If we weren't for real we wouldn't do that Facebook / Google Ad(non)Sense (post has been deleted by Google, since the time of this writing).  

What we are going to do, is show you how to turn your lunch hour and free time into a second income and eventually, replace your primary income without charging you ridiculous fees, for doing so.

We are willing to mentor you personally, via e-mail, FB messenger or Skype on a one to one (not on groups). 

We are not going to make you watch half a dozen of expensive, time consuming videos, sometimes with paid actors and promising you riches, by dangling the carrot in front your face, saying absolutely nothing for half hour; or tell you how we went from living in a trailer park with mom, in debt to the gonads to a 25 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills.  

We think, that you have more common sense than to fall for those ridiculous schemes, that may or may not work for you. You either believe what we are telling you or you don't. Its that simple.  

But you need to help us out as well. If you don't, all our expertise and hard work mentoring YOU and our time, has no value. You can do this by simply....  

(And here is where we are going to lose about 99% of you. That is a sad to see, because in an ocean of gimmicks and schemes, this is probably the only course, that will tell it to you like it is. And remove the only obstacle keeping you from reaching your potential and wealth. 'Doubt and fear!')

1st. Sign up to our e-mail list by going to www.millionairesmind.ca and leave your email address in the sign in box. Or on the sign in box below, (optional)

2nd. Each tutorial we will charge you a $20 fee. (Click on the button below) That way it is affordable for you. If you don't have $20 this month, then there is always next month. From day one you will have access to our ongoing tech support, exchange of ideas and new leads generation.  

* Please note that there will be extra fees, if you wish for us to get personally involved in your business. Such as helping you build your site. Or find you leads as examples. We will tell you before hand though, before you make that decision.  

But, at the sake of sounding like a commercial and everyone else on-line, We are offering a 30 day money back guarantee.  

If you are not totally satisfied after the first tutorial, that this course will not make a real difference in your life, we will refund 100% of your money. Scouts honor, from a gentleman to another/women or Z, whatever you identify yourself with.  

That's it.  

Don't miss out on this opportunity, it is not everyday that you will stumble on such generous offer to have a mentor so affordable overlooking your shoulder, every step of the way for 20 bucks and become part of a community. Or you can go with Stuart Ross's or Tai Lopes program for a few grand by the time you are done; and get your training there.  

But I assure you our course will guide you through the same process for a fraction of the cost. Sorry, that you will miss out on all the glamor videos that take up hours your of your time and tell you bits and pieces until you get the next video, that only the use of your credit card can open. But, I think you will find value for your money in this course.  

In all fairness though, Stuart, Cal or Tai are some of the best ones out there and they are very knowledgeable individuals. One thing they all tell you that is true, is that everyone needs a mentor.  

As all the other guys say, see you on the other side. 

You have stumbled on the best opportunity of your life Step into the Millionaires Mind

Welcome to our community of online entrepreneurs. See you next week, feel free to contact us at duarteandassociates@rogers.com

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