Make it or break it. It doesn't get any easier than this totally FREE.  

There is so much bulls*** out there, that no one believes anything anymore. 

Bulls*** like, ads inviting you to attend some webminar that will show how to make gazillions of dollars a month using some proven formula (if that was true what interest would they have to show it to you for free), then vanishing with your money, leaving you holding a bag of methodlogical formulas that work in theory, but not in reality.  

Why do you think that there is so many sheisters doing that? The answer is simple.  

Let me ask you this first? 

How is money made? 

By the sale of a products or services right? Please don't say that you don't sell anything, because you work for someone else. You are in fact selling your time and service by the hour to a company.

And for the sale of these things to happens, you need what? Customers right? and many of them.

So, what do these gurus want in exchange for this FREE training / webminars? Your name and email. The same thing applies when they ask you to sign up, register petitions, webstes or opinions. 

Every time that you and hundreds of other people sign up for one of those things, you have to give them your name and email, which then gets sold or used to promote all kinds of products to you.

The key to ANY online business is TRAFFIC and a good long e-mail list. The bigger the list, the wealthier you become. Traffic is the heart of any business, email is the bloodline.

 This is what the gurus won't tell you


Everyday I get e-mails from people asking me, How do I make extra money online.

The problem is that most people, want a get-rich-quick scheme and they want it for nothing.

So they end up chasing rainbows until the day they die - broke. They don't want to invest their time in educating themselves in how to turn their lives around. Everybody wants the easy way out. Without effort, without work - good luck with that!

I have come up with an easy solution for most people who are not very computer savvy (free). However, some basic skills are necessary. How else are you going to make money online, if you don't possess even the basic skills? Like copying and pasting or sending out mass emails.

For what I am about to introduce to you, there is no need for: 

  • a website
  • HTML knowledge
  • Searching for traffic or leads
  • Pay for traffic
  • Work online 24/7
  • Advertise
  • SEO ranking

If you can figure out how to work an auto responder and share this link to 2 or more people on your friends list, you are good. Everything else will be handed to you on a silver platter for free.

A few things you need to know: 

What is the difference between Pyramid schemes, Multilevel Marketing, The company you work for and Networking?

Nothing! Let me explain.

Pyramid Schemes, can make you very rich, very fast but are illegal and here is why. 

If you take a penny and you convince 2 people to give you a penny and ask them to convince 2 of their friends to send you a penny, in other words doubling it everyday and as this happens your name gets bumped up the pyramid. At the end of the month you would have $649 million dollars and a one way ticket to jail.

Why? Because, the scheme is giving you nothing in return for your money and more often than none, the only one that wins is the author of the scheme.

Multilevel Marketing. MLM is very similar to a pyramid stracture, however, it is legal and legitimitate for two reasons. But not very profitable. Normally anything you sell or your downline uses, you are paying everyone upline, as well as the corporation itself a small commission.

1. The money flows both ways. Up in the form of sales, and down in the form of commissions.... And 2. All involved, get some sort of value for their money, no matter how expensive it may be.

Mind you the products are top notch, but way over priced. Most of the money is made by those clever distributors, who make the bulk of their money, holdind paid seminars and books teaching people how to get rich selling their product.

The company you work for. Let me explain! 

Whether you work for a corporation or a small business, you have your President, next in line two or more Vice Presidents, Then three, four or more Regional Managers, next is a team of Managers, then Supervisors, then the grunts in which you are a part of and will always be, unless someone quits, dies or gets fired.

This is the safest form of employment. Of course...

You never have to worry about where your next dollar is coming from, but in turn, you will never have the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it either. 

In most cases, you need permission to go to the toilet or go on vacation.

Networking. Networking is probably the easiest and most flexible way of earning a living and we all do it conciously or subconciously. Flexible, because you can even network, while still on your regular job.

For example: You bought a new pair of shoes on sale. You got a great deal and you can't hardly wait to show them off. A friend asks you, where did you, buy them. 

Subconciously or conciously, you are going to tell him or her, where and how much you paid for them. What you have just done is promote the shoe store for FREE

Some people will conciously use this system to make a living and some of us a very good living at that. 

What they will do is, they will make an agreement online with the store to get paid a small fee, for every paying customer you send them their way. You will usually find their affiliate link at the bottom of their website.

The beauty of earning a living this way, is that you can do it from almost anywhere in the civilized world with an internet connection, even while you sleep. Thereby, freeing your time to work when you want to work, doing the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

That is the basis of this platform. We have combined the best methodologies of 3 out of 4 mentioned above. No Website, no selling, no costs in advertising.

We are going to make you jump through a few pages and the reason why, it's because we want people who are serious about making it online and want to learn how. 

If you are a negative kind of person, who is skeptical about everything and everybody, or thinks that everything is a scam, subscribe with fake emails or complain about everything and everyone, you probably have the IQ of a rabbit and you should leave now. You will never make it online or in life, for that matter.

For all other, good and sincere folks that live for success, subscribe below and write ADD ME on the comment box.

The level of success depends on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation and diligence.