These are our fundamental freedoms as outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in which this website is based on.  

Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:  

freedom of conscience and religion; freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; freedom of peaceful assembly; and freedom of association.  


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Selling Out…or Compromise?

Tue, July 23, 2019 | Author: Vicki Gunn | Volume 26 Issue 29  

Was anyone else part of the craze in the late 1960s that was called “Monkee Mania”?  

I was a fan from day one right through to the bitter end. Perhaps one of my favourite songs was “Shades of Gray”:  

It was easy then to know truth from lies  

Selling out from compromise. . .  

But, today, there is no black or white, only shades of gray. . .  

When I look at Canada’s political scene today, I’d say that what looked like compromise over the past many years was really selling out.  

We once had a defined standard of right and wrong, but that was “yesterday”. We knew that children needed to be protected and our laws reflected that need to protect our children. We knew that even though free speech sometimes hurt, it was essential for a free people to be allowed to express themselves within the confines of the law. So our laws protected that. We knew that public displays of sexuality were not appropriate and so we had laws to protect the public from lewd behaviours. We knew that women had less physical strength and so they were protected when they were at their most vulnerable…in public intimate facilities like washrooms and change rooms.  

We didn’t live in a perfect world back then. I remember a classmate going to “stay with her aunt” for a while. There were young women ostracized because they became pregnant outside of marriage. I remember tittering with the other girls when rumour had it that a fellow classmate had contracted a sexually transmitted disease. I remember visiting Toronto as a teenager and being shocked by the sight of a man in a tight, white, knit skirt.  

In short, all of the ills that are part of society today were present “yesterday” but they were not part of the mainstream. They shocked us.  

What went wrong? Today, rather than protecting our children, we teach them about sexual alternatives. Rather than affirming the family, our courts order a father not to refer to his daughter as a girl or he will face abuse charges — all the while the court approves life-altering medical treatments without parental consent. We tell children that being a boy or a girl is not reality. We tell them that they can become the opposite sex, without telling them that they can never in reality change their DNA; they can just mask it… and the damage done cannot be reversed if they change their minds.  

What went wrong? Today, we are only allowed to speak freely as long as we only express “liberal” thoughts. We are only allowed to speak freely as long as we don’t hurt somebody’s feelings. Come to think of it, what happened to “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”? While we felt the sting of someone saying something mean to us, we didn’t let that define us. We had been toughened through years of childhood spats to deal with insults.  

What happened to move us from a society that honoured our historical Christian heritage to one that allows the arrest of a street preacher for doing what street preachers do…preach?  

We didn’t get where we are today from one single decision. We got there by gradually fuzzying the edges of what was considered okay behaviour. When people quit being shocked by black or white becoming tinged with grey, then the societal architects decided that a bit more stirring up of the edges to mix the black and white would not be noticed.  

Many who opposed stood firm…for a while…but in the end it was such a faint mixing of black and white that surely that little bit of grey didn’t matter.  

What about those annoying people who refused to mix the black and white? People looked at them as being rigid. Today, they can face charges should they publicly express their thoughts.  

Today, on the eve of another federal election, have you wondered, “Who is CHP Canada?”  

CHP Canada is comprised of those who did not compromise even when those in other political parties lacked the backbone to say “no”. CHP Canada is made up of those who saw the trend of colourless and indistinct shades of grey becoming dominant over our former understanding based on black and white, right and wrong. Those who have grasped this in recent years have developed a new appreciation of the beauty of our historic Christian heritage. They’ve noticed that the political mainstream and their media partners have lost their understanding of Canada’s Christian heritage and now reflect only progressive shades of grey. These folks have joined the CHP and are putting themselves on the front-lines in the battle for our culture.  

The Christian Heritage Party is made up of people like you and me. People who have looked at the great freedoms that flourished under our Christian heritage and have committed themselves to the battle for a return to the values once shared by all; they see the urgency and want to do their part — before all freedom is lost in this great country.  

The Christian Heritage Party needs YOU! We need you to join hands with us and refuse to accept “grey” as the colour of our culture. Canada has a vibrant, colourful culture that needs “all hands on deck” to preserve it. I’m calling on you, today, to join hands with us and hold back the tide of grey that is washing over our culture. It’s time for us to stop squandering our future and protect it with all that we are. You will face opposition, but don’t back down from doing what is right. Canada needs leaders who will stand firm and not back down from opposition. We already have some of those leaders ready to serve in the fall with a mandate from their fellow Canadians. We need more people committed to saving our way of life. We need more candidates and campaign volunteers. Whether you think you could be a candidate or think you could do more good supporting and helping another candidate; whether you are good with handling campaign funds or great at door-knocking and talking at the doorstep, Canada needs your political involvement for the next few months. Our God-given human rights depend on it. You know what’s right. So, let’s give future generations the wonderful freedoms that we have enjoyed. Join CHP Canada today.

Unplanned — Now “Unbanned”! 

Tue, July 09, 2019 | Author: Peter Vogel | Volume 26 Issue 27  

When you think of a banned movie, you are probably thinking of something so vile or indecent that it cannot be shown. There are many movies with gross indecency, wanton violence, and subversive morality in Canadian theatres. What would it take to get a movie banned in Canada? Abortion! The Unplanned movie was not actually banned in Canada, but distributors refused to carry it, which effectively banned it from theatres showing it. That changed last month when Cinedicom launched into the business of distributing movies and gave theatres the opportunity to show Unplanned, and ultimately Canadians like you the opportunity to see it. Not all Canadians want to see it, and that is OK—but some are trying to prevent others, who want to see it, from watching it. There have even been death threats that prompted a few theatres to pull back from showing it. Maybe someone will eventually produce a movie about the drama of getting the Unplanned movie into Canada! But what is it that makes this movie special? Those who promote abortion tell stories. They tell tragic stories of women in bad situations and give the impression that abortion helped these women. Unplanned tells a story too. It tells Abby Johnston’s story, and it shows that abortion is not the “happily ever after” ending that abortion advocates make it out to be. Along these same lines is Melody’s Story which you can watch on CHP’s website. Also, please consider watching and promoting the documentary “The Missing Project” to hear about how abortions have affected many people negatively, and not only women! Without giving away too much of Unplanned, (I was able to see it at a private screening) let me say that it gripped me and did not let me go. I have had opportunities to speak to mothers who had abortions, and while their verbal accounts are stirring, honest, and moving, the movie shows you what their stories told you. If you see a PG-13 or 14A rating on this movie don’t be alarmed. There are scenes that show the bloody reality of abortion, but no overt indecency. If you are squeamish, my advice is to close your eyes for a few seconds here and there, but still go and watch it. Parents should watch it themselves before deciding whether it is appropriate for their children to see; it is not appropriate for young children. However, it should be watched by everyone who can vote. Every voter ought to confront the reality that tax-paying Canadians are paying for the procedures that this movie portrays. The story is an American one, and abortions are paid for out-of-pocket down there, but here in Canada, they are paid for from your pocket and mine. The fact that a child, made in God’s image, is killed by the procedure far outweighs the financial considerations, but the fact that our governments, provincial and federal, past and present do little or nothing to change the status-quo makes them—and those who voted for them—complicit and worse. And yet, some are quite unaware of the reality, and they will need to see it to believe it. That is why we need this film to be watched by many in theatres. Please pray that the film will be watched by many, and that many hearts will be changed. Let’s also be thankful that prayers were answered and that the film is coming to Canada! God has given us an opportunity and a tool, now let’s go and do our best to promote and share it. Action items: Invite family, friends, and neighbours to watch Unplanned with you. “Vote with your feet, buy a seat!” Be part of a sell-out crowd that will convince the theatre to show Unplanned for more than a week! If there is no space in a theatre, please consider giving up your spot to someone else, someone who might be less convinced about the humanity of the pre-born than you are. Going again later to a different viewing is a small sacrifice to make for someone else’s opportunity. CHP has been pro-life from its founding, and we have not wavered from this conviction — not because it is popular, but because it is always right to defend life and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. If you agree, please join CHP and be a voice for the voiceless as a member, donor, or even a candidate!  


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You Are Fuc*** My Friend....

This guy has as much influence with the White House, as you do with the Queen,

Appalling Chinese Organ Harvesting

Government-Sponsored Kiddie Porn Tue, July 02, 2019 | Author: Rod Taylor | Volume 26 Issue 26 Last week, police in Toronto made a major bust of a nasty child porn ring and I suppose we should all be happy. They arrested 5 men at the core of the operation but have so far identified 331 Canadians caught in the web along with 60,000 users worldwide. The sophisticated operation had servers with a capacity of 1,000 terrabytes. That’s one million gigabytes of data storage containing 19,000 child porn files which had been downloaded 19,000,000 times. It attracted men from 116 countries. The number of abused children can only be guessed at. We do certainly thank the police officers who tracked down, exposed and arrested the central figures in this horrific organization, although one man, Vinh Van Nguyen, is still on the loose, possibly hiding out in Vietnam. It would be nice if this were the only pit of sensual degradation in town. It would great if we could all relax knowing that pedophilia had been thwarted and the corrupters of innocent children had been locked away once and for all. Alas! Such naïveté is unwarranted while Pride parades run unchecked in cities across Canada and public schoolteachers use classroom time to instruct their trusting students in sexual themes and content far in excess of any legitimate social need. In the Pride parades, often subsidized by municipal, provincial and federal taxpayers, nude males cavort shamelessly down the street in full view of little children. In most cities, this public indecency is actually illegal but in today’s politically-correct environment, officers are prohibited from enforcing decency laws and are generally out in force facilitating the event. Aside from the hidden costs of shutting down major city streets and the granting of permits and subsidies, there is the real cost of flying our Prime Minister from one scandalous event to the next. His enthusiastic support for public lewdness certainly fans the flames of arrogance, as those flaunting their sex-focused lifestyles turn city streets into a porn channel which requires no password and from which taxpayers cannot escape. The use of public school funds and classroom time to groom the curiosity of children is no less egregious. In fact, it may be even more hideous because it is so insidious. It comes camouflaged as caring and draped in euphemistic phrases like “anti-bullying”, “equal rights” and “safety” but its outcomes are far from benign. Young people constantly bombarded with unscientific concepts like “gender fluidity” and given no serious call to abstinence or sexual integrity before marriage are easily swept into premature sexual activity of every sort. Since the state-mandated mantra is that every type of sexual activity is legitimate, the only thing forbidden is a frank discussion of consequences. Just as the now-shamed operatives of Toronto’s recently busted porn ring must face the consequences of breaking the law, so will every person who violates God’s law, especially those who violate the trust of young children and encourage them to engage in activities that will lead to shame, not pride. Yes, bust the porn rings. Disgrace them publicly and remove their taint from our cities. But don’t turn around and celebrate behaviour that feeds an appetite for child porn. Don’t bypass parents with a hyper-sexed curriculum and then claim to be protecting children. Jesus said that those who violate innocent children will face judgment. Those who seek high office and then use that office to violate a whole generation of children will certainly face judgment. Let’s pray that Canadian voters will choose leaders who will not abuse their office to abuse the minds of children, lest we share in that judgment. CHP Canada will not stand idly by while the innocent are victimized. We will speak for the protection of life and the defence of the biblical view of sexuality, including God’s special protection of children. Make your stand to protect our children by joining CHP Canada today.

CHP Wishes You a Happy Canada Day! Sat, June 29, 2019 | Author: Rod Taylor | Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord! Like most Canadians, we are happy to live in this country and this weekend we’ll join in celebration with friends and neighbours as we thank God for the privilege of living in a free country. What is a free country? It’s a place where one can speak freely, move about freely, raise a family without fear of want, fear of violence or fear of government intrusion into our lives. It’s a place where one can worship according to one’s beliefs without fear of religious intimidation. When we look at our flag or sing our national anthem, we should be grateful for the freedoms we have but we should be mindful that our freedoms and all the blessings of prosperity and justice are the result of Gods provision and protection. Without His grace and favour, we would have nothing. When our fellow citizens and the politicians who represent them reject God’s direction and despise His instruction, they act as if the blessings we enjoy are the result of our own efforts and can never be lost. We must remind folks that our blessings come from the gracious hand of God and can be lost if we reject Him. As we celebrate Canada Day, let us commit ourselves to walking in His ways, speaking to our neighbours about His plans for our lives and His invitation to live as sons and daughters according to His principles. We can only have a Happy Canada Day if we seek and enjoy His blessings and individuals, as families, as communities and as a nation. We at the national office of the Christian Heritage Party wish every one of you a happy and blessed Canada Day!