Shiatsu Care


Traditional Japanese "Free Form Support" BuckwheatHusk Pillow

Help yourself to a good night's sleep... with the natural support of a traditional Japanese buckwheat husk pillow.

Wake up refreshed, alert and energized when you sleep on a Rest-A-Sure Natural Pillow.

Rest-A-Sure is our version of the traditional Japanese buckwheat husk pillow. Filled with sanitized buckwheat husks, this type of pillow has been the secret to a deeper, sounder sleep for hundreds of years,

You get a deeper, sounder sleep with...

  • Proper head, neck and shoulder support
  • Ideal distribution of body heat
  • improved circulation 

When you are assured of a good night's sleep, you will be much better prepared to cope with daily sress.

Rest*A*Sure helps eliminate...

  • Pain and muscle tension
  • Headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Sleeplessness

Cool comfort and freeform support

These are the keys to a deep and restful sleep Rest*A*Sure uniqute buckwheat husk filling molds to your cervical curve and gently suppots your head while allowing you to move comfortably in your sleep.

Optimal Posture = Optimal Rest = Rest*A*Sure! 

The ideal sleeping conditions exist when the head is cool and the feet are warm,

When you sleep, your head is naturally warmer than your feet. If your head becomes too warm, body circulation slows down and your feet becomes uncomfortably cold.

Rest*A*Sure buckwheat husk filling provides a natural ventilation that keeps the pillow surface a few degrees cooler than your head temperature.

Optimal Temperature = Optimal Rest = Rest*A*Sure!