"Every cell of your face has a “clock” in it" 

What you do in the next 7 minutes will determine whether that clock speeds forward in time… …or winds backward 10, 20 or even 30 years. 

Hi, I’m Tracy. In the next few minutes, I’ll show you how to reverse the biological “clocks” in your skin and transform tired, dull and even sagging skin, that you would never DARE reveal without makeup… …into vibrant, smooth, tight, toned, and glowing skin that seems to grow younger in time. I’ll be shattering the myths that dermatologists and the cosmetic industry have led you to believe… …about reversing wrinkles, naturally lifting and tightening the neck, jawline and eyelids… …balancing excessively dry, sensitive or oily skin… …banishing adult acne and even skin disorders like eczema or rosacea… …and reveal the REAL reason some of us experience the signs of aging sooner that other cultures. In fact, even though this might sound impossible now, after you watch this video and do what it says like thousands of ecstatic women before you… …your friends, co-workers, and ESPECIALLY your dermatologist… …will be SHOCKED at the staggering transformation your skinis about to go through.

I’m going to teach you the secret in just a second… …but before I do I need to talk about the big LIE that’s keeping you from the eternal youth you’ve only seen in the lucky few… and that your body is desperately trying to give you. What’s the big lie keeping you from reversing the hands of time? The big lie is the idea that natural, effortlessly beautiful looks… the kind we secretly envy… …like Demi Moore who in her 50’s and still looks like she’s barely past 30, or Miranda Kerr… …the supermodel who went to a red carpet event bare-faced, WITHOUT MAKEUP, and STILL looked stunning,is as rare and precious as wild unicorns. And that hiding our face under a layer of foundation, primers, concealers, and moisturizers is just something we have to be chained to for the rest of our lives. The truth is…

I Know This Sounds Hard To Believe,  

So Let Me Explain... If you’re like most women, your relationship with your skin has been like a really bad co-dependent affair, with a jealous and needy lover. Where you never know when the next flare up is going to happen. I don’t know about you, but when I hit my teens, I had the unfortunate blessing of having an excessively oily condition. My foundation wouldn’t even stay on unless I thoroughly cleaned my face. And with my condition, I developed severe cystic acne. The ugly kind that hurts when you touch it. Only after two rounds of Accutane, and a learning how to SKILLFULLY coverup my blemishes, did I manage to look like a “normal” person. But behind that exterior, I was constantly paranoid about my breakouts, or oiliness, or blemishes. Looking back now, a lot of my life revolved around these issues. What was that old saying? A cage made of gold is still a cage? Even though I looked “OK” with my elaborate morning routine, cosmetic products, and treatments, I was still TRAPPED. Sometimes, after a long day, the LAST thing I wanted to do was spend an hour in the bathroom, getting ready for bed. And to make matters worse, in my EARLY 30’s, I started to see the beginnings of premature aging! I was too young to start having wrinkles! And my acne started to come back! After another breakout, I’d cry out in my head “Why was I CURSED with this?” I used to ENVY the Hollywood starlets in their late 20s and early 30s, with their mind-numbingly, mesmerizingly gorgeous freak of nature ethereal glow. Now, I despised them. I’ve talked to dozens of women about this, and over and over again, and I see the same pattern. As soon as she hits her teens, it’s like a switch goes off,hormones kick in, and start to wreak havoc on their skin… …and women suddenly begin a daily tightrope walk trying to look their best. An in their thirties and forties, they see the slow, gradual hand of time starting to show itself around their eyes, under their chin, on the sides on the mouth… …and with entire FLOORS in department stores clamoring for your attention, they find it harder, and more confusing to know what do next. It’s a horrible place to be.

Or trying to explain to your significant other, why you can’t just go out and get the mail without putting on your makeup. And as we age, we try one product, treatment, or device after another to slowdown the clock… …where it seems the only choices we have involve a needle, a powerful and toxic drug, or to go under the knife. Does that sound familiar to you? Believe me, you certainly aren’t alone, if it does. Okay!Now for the big question, you’ve probably asked yourself again and again — 

Why Do Some Women Seem To Have The Magic Ability To Have Dewy, Radiant, “Perma-Glow” Looks Without Even Trying? 

Like my best friend Danielle, who’s the same age as me, whose face seems to DEFY gravity. There’s no sagging, her chin line is taught, her eyelids aren’t drooping at all… …and her cheeks are as rosy and elastic as they were in her mid 20’s? I remember the night. Once, when we were in our 20’s, we went out like we usually do, and the guy at the door, asked for her ID, looked at it, let her in, then took one look at me and didn’t say a thing. He just let me in! He assumed I was old enough to go in! To this day, she is always asked to show ID because she STILL looks so young. It’s like the rest of us feel like we’re on an endless treadmill racing against time — and gravity — and getting nowhere. After talking to dozens of women, I figured out one simple fact that once you accept it, will allow you to attain beauty that is the envy of every woman. What’s the secret? Okay, this is going to sound too simple for you, it certainly sounded silly to me. That is, until I discovered how vast and incredibly profound it turned out to be. The reason why some women,like the stunning celebrities I mentioned earlier, or like my my best friend Danielle… …manage to defy their age, have clear, smooth, flawless looks, no matter what their age… …while so many others don’t, has nothing to do with the products they put on their face… …or special treatments reserved for the rich and famous. And it certainly doesn’t have to do with Botox, fillers or plastic surgery. 

What’s The Secret? 

As I said, it’s going to sound deceptively simple, but here it is: The reason why you feel you’ve been left out of the genetic lottery and NOT looking years younger, as you should be, isn’t because of what you’re putting on your skin… …it’s because of what you are FEEDING your skin. Saying it in another way:On average, a typical American will eat 4.7 pounds of food per day. But we put only an ounce or two of skin care products on our body every day. Which do you think will have a bigger impact? If you’re like 99.99% of women, you haven’t been taught how to eat in a way that bends time backwards… I know this may sound overly simplistic, but it’s a fact —there’s actually a way to feed yourself younger every day… …a way to starve wrinkles, acne, and all other skin problems out of existence… …and FLOOD skin-tightening collagen back into your neck, cheeks, eyes, lips, jaw line and forehead. There are even foods that repair sun-damaged skin, melt away age spots and patchy discolored skin. And let’s not forget, our hair and nails are a part of our skin as well. So, not only is it possible to eat your way to a facelift… With every woman I helped, the story was the same. There were little things they could adjust with their food… …that made a whole bunch of beauty products on their dresser, and in their medicine cabinet, OBSOLETE. And there were big mistakes most women were making… …without even realizing it, that cause them to age faster and faster with every meal — etching lines deeper into their appearance with each bite. Plain and simple, the big secret to natural, all-day, radiant, smooth and clear skin, without a shelf-full of products… …and an aggravating morning and “get ready for bed” routine… 

…Is To Know How To Feed New Healthy, Young Skin To The Surface… 

…and starve old dying skin cells in a way that makes you feel like you are eating a cheat meal at every meal. You see, when when we are born, our body produces a LOT of collagen. And collagen, as I’m sure you already know, is what makes our skin taut and youthful. Well, as we age, we simply produce less collagen. So gravity pulls harder on your cheeks, eyelids, neck and jaw line… …dry lines become permanent, we lose moisture, and wrinkles start to appear. But what most women don’t realize is that your body is still creating new cells every day. And of course that includes the cells that make up every inch of your face. And they are the exactly the same skin cells your body made when you were a child — you just make less of them as you grow older. So by nourishing the growth of new cells, with MORE collagen, we can literally, regrow a younger version of ourselves. But just like any other part of our body, it needs FOOD to do this! There is NO ointment, cream, or treatment that can replace food. Just like if a man wanted to build more lean muscle, he just couldn’t do it without food right? Well, skin is exactly the same. In fact, your skin depends on the food you eat more than any other part of your body. Why? Because it’s the LARGEST organ you have!

When we age and start form lines, lose elasticity and firmness, it’s because the DERMIS is becoming thinner, loses moisture and and gets looser. The dermis is ALSO where our hair follicles are. So when this layer starts to erode or get unhealthy, it affects the hair as well. And just like an orange, you can’t make the soft, moist and spongy white layer under the surface healthier by putting stuff on outer surface. It can ONLY become healthier, get it’s moisture, and remain tight and strong from the nutrients BENEATH it. Once you pluck an orange from the branch, it stops getting food from the tree and it stays fresh for a while, by relying on what’s INSIDE the meat of the orange. But over time, it starts to dry out . Because nothing is being supplied to the INSIDE of the orange anymore. It has been cut off from it’s life source. From it’s food. The same thing happens to our skin. When toxins, and poor nutrition block the DERMIS — or the underlying thick, elastic part of our skin — from getting the food it needs, from our blood… …it loses collagen and elastin, the two natural ingredients that make DERMIS stay taut, moist and firm. And that also means that “Collagen Creams” are a complete scam. They simply do not work. Because collagen can ONLY be created from UNDER the dermis. But as you are about to hear, no doctor, dermatologist and certainly not the cosmetic industry, will tell you this.  

WHY? Three reasons:  

FIRST, it is too easy for you to do on your own. When you see how easy it is to feed yourself 20 years younger, and dissolve wrinkles with your next meal, you will NEVER go back. THE SECOND REASON you wont hear this is because the beauty industry will lose A LOT of profit. They depend on you eating foods that aggravate your skin cells, cause oiliness, or excessive dryness, or to create more acne — even into your late 30’s and 40’s! THE THIRD REASON women haven’t been told these facts, and what’s probably hardest to believe… …is because doctors are simply NOT taught this. Doctors, in their entire medical training will, at MOST, get ONLY a few HOURS of training on nutrition. Here’s what I was told when I started to question whether diet affected our skin: 

"Scientists have been unable to find a substantial connection between diet and acne." 

I remember reading that. But then I saw who published it— it was the company that manufactures and sells Proactiv! And what about this: 

"The truth is that no food is really bad for your skin." 

Guess who said that? The company that makes and markets Noxema products!  

If this is upsetting you, I don’t blame you. And if you’ve talked to your doctor and they told you the same thing, ponder this: It wasn’t long ago that doctors all across America literally PRESCRIBED “time in the sun” to treat ailments ranging from acne to eczema!  

Now, that we know the dangers of UV radiation seriously increasing the risk of skin cancer, not to mention destroying collagen and boosting the aging process… …doctors are NOW telling us to stay away from the sun, or to wear sunscreen.  

But you know what? IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. 

Now, The Good News Is You Can Learn How Reverse Any Skin Condition, In Just A Few Steps, With Foods That Are Probably In Your Fridge Right Now. 

Wanna know something even more incredible? Out of all the foods that can transform your appearance… …ONE type of food has more impact on reversing age than any other. But not only that, this ONE food type exposes the myth of collagen supplements, and are a fast way to waste your hard earned money. Let me tell you the story. I was in my mid 30’s and I was obsessively looking for any way to stem the obvious wrinkles that were becoming more and more noticeable through my makeup. On top of that, my acne has started up again. But that’s when I met my best friend, Danielle’s grandmother. If you remember, Danielle was one of those freaks of nature with picture-ready, model skin and hair. Her grandmother had come to visit from Peru. And Danielle always told me what an inspiration she was. When I was introduced to her, I honestly thought it was a joke. This woman MAY have passed for her mother. But certainly not her grandmother! It wasn’t just that she looked no older than 40. There was this spark she had. As she looked at me through bright, moist and deep set eyes, I could see she was sharp as a razor. Her hair was jet black, lustrous and full-bodied. And her skin… I had never seen skin like that before. She had a deep ethereal glow that seemed almost unreal. And for a grandmother… …I could not trace a hint of dryness. Later that night, I asked Danielle, how old her grandmother was. And the answer shocked me. She was 75! 

I Had To Find Out Her Secret. 

In the days that followed, I spent more time with her waiting for a good moment to ask how she was able to look so stunning. But out of the blue, SHE handed me a glass with a ruby colored juice in it. “Drink it”, she said, “this will help your skin” I took a sip and it was a tart, sweet, diluted juice and just as I started to drink it, she went on to say, “You are too young to look so old. You are the same age as my grand daughter. But you look much older.”I just about choked. “This is Acerola juice. I drank it all my life. This is like a fountain of youth where I come from. Come back here every week. I’ll make it for you.”  

And with that, she handed me two jugs of it. So much for my conversation. Over the next week my skin seemed different. I wrote it off to my imagination, until a co-worker asked me what I used for my skin because she wanted some. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and it WAS true. My skin really had cleared up. It looked supple, smooth, and… …dare I say, it glowed.  

I became a nutrition friend. I thought this Acerola was some kind of magic berry. But it wasn’t magic at all. What I found out, was that it was simply a fruit, but it had a tremendous amount of vitamin C. Out of all the foods, it is has some of the highest amounts of vitamin C. And Vitamin C is essential for collagen. But taking a vitamin C tablet doesn’t do much because we only absorb about 5 - 10% of it. And our typical American diet, doesn’t give nearly enough vitamin C to make any difference. And there is only so much Vitamin C supplements you can take before you get stomach pain.  

If you get 100 grams of raw orange, it has 71 milligrams of vitamin C. But Acerola has 1,677 milligrams! That’s over 2,300 % more vitamin C! I started to study all the different nutrients our skin needs to thrive and what foods contain the greatest amount of these miracle substances.

And More Important, I Found How Foods Caused The Age-Accelerating Problems We Have. 

It’s like the produce section of your grocery section suddenly turned into your own exotic beauty and skin care pharmacy. On each shelf, in each section, there is something, actually MANY things, for every beauty issue you might have right now. After two weeks of experimenting with these “beauty foods”, I was able to do something I thought I’d never be able to do… …I went to work with just blush and mascara.  

I think the last time I went out of the house without a thick layer of foundation, primer and concealer, was when I was in middle school. But the fact of the matter was… …that I just didn’t need it. I have to say, though… …I stood there in the bathroom looking at the clearest, smoothest, most radiant skin I’d ever had as an adult, I second guessed myself the entire time. I thought to myself, “Was I seeing things right? I can’t be this good. It’s only been two weeks.” It was just something too good to be true as far as I was concerned. For the first time in decades, I was able to wake up, look in the mirror, and NOT need to do anything. I love being able to tie my hair back, or up in a bun, to show off my neck and my entire face. And yes, I even go out and get the mail without makeup anymore. 

I Had Attained Makeup FREEDOM! 

A few months after my meeting with Danielle’s grandmother, and a library full of books… …I had made even more changes to my diet and lost 18 pounds, had deep, endless energy and have the best sleep I’ve ever had. The more I studied, the more I came to one conclusion: The Standard American Diet, or SAD, really should be called the Standard Age-Accelerating Diet. If you want to get premature wrinkles, crows feet, smile lines, frown lines, and a dull complexion years before you should… …just eat what everyone else is eating. Eventually, years later and researching all the hard to find ways food cure the skin… …I ended up getting licensed as a nutritionist and aesthetician, and now have a thriving practice helping women with all sorts of skin issues. Anti aging is only ONE of the things that can be accomplished with the food you eat. Acne, or more severe skin problems, like eczema and rosacea, dry flaky skin, patchy skin and even sun damaged skin… …can be cured with the properties in many foods we have all around us. It turns out, mother nature is the best beautician we could ever hope for. And I’m going to teach you her language. The best part of all, is how my dermatologist reacted to my transformation. It turns out even SHE had her own issues and wanted MY help! That’s when I knew I had to teach this to as many women as possible. But something else happened that made bringing natural beauty to women all around the world my mission in life. Here’s the story: One day, I finished a treatment on a client and walked out to the waiting room to meet my next appointment, Linda. I was a bit stunned to see a beautiful woman sitting there sobbing. Concerned, I asked Stacy what was wrong and she told me, something that made me so incredibly sad. She came to see me because a friend referred her. But what prompted it, was her walking in on her husband cheatingon her with his assistant. An assistant much younger than her. Since she found the courage to leave him, thoughts swirled in her mind about how she was getting older, and that she had to find a way to look younger. She was a successful, smart, executive and she knew it. But to start dating again for the first time in 20 years, she felt silly for getting so caught up in worrying about something so superficial as looking younger. She was scorned, embarrassed and humiliated, and felt torn between wanting to look younger and loving herself the way she was. She finally blurted out, “I feel guilty and ashamed for wanting to look younger.” To this day, I am still surprised how often I hear this. Cosmetics companies feed into our insecurities about getting older… …and make us feel we’ll all turn into wrinkled old prunes without the latest (and often very expensive) miracle cream. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to look your best. To love what you see in the mirror. But not because a cosmetic company or a bad relationship made you feel you need it. And certainly not because good marketing makes you believe there is a new miracle “out there”. No, the miracle is right on the shelves of your produce section. And you have every right to look and feel as beautiful as you want! Like I said, my name is Tracy. And with your permission, I’d like to share with you the power of “beauty foods”, and how to look 20 years younger without cosmetics, injections, or surgery. 

When You Master This Simple Concept, 

Other Women Will Ask What YOUR Secret Is Because You Look So Good. And they will be astonished when they discover you only have mascara and a hint of blush on right now. And I also want to show you how and why your skin, hair and nails are already trying to grow younger, firmer and healthierand how to remove the hidden blockages that keep them trapped and out of sight. I’d like to show you how to instantly remove any ideas you might have about skin care being an “outside in” process… …and have you feel the power of knowing the truth that ageless beauty can only be achieved from the inside out. I want to show you the simple,easy to preparefoods and meals that melt and dissolve dry, flaky, patchy areas… …to allow firmer, more elastic, radiant skin layers to come to the surface. The 5 foods that provide the essential building blocks to luscious, full-bodied, shimmering and silky hair. Not to mention, a dietary adjustment that can reduce hair loss before or after menopause. How? By introducing you to a simple, easy to use system called… 

…“The Beauty Food Bible”. 

It’s a companion you’ll have for life. Like nature’s own anti aging expert that teaches you the foods that eliminate and smooth out wrinkles, smile lines crows feet… Restore thinning skin on the hands, face and neck into thicker, firmer and more plump appearance… Create fuller lips, prevent stretch marks… …tighten sagging areas in the jawline, neck, and eyelids… Reverse sun damage like sun spots and blotchiness on the neck, chest and face, And so much more. First, you’ll get “The Beauty Food Bible: Feed Yourself 20 Years Younger”.

The first thing you’ll learn in the manual are the most potent foods for creating incredible skin, where to find them, and how to prepare them. The types of foods that maintain elasticity and firmness past the age of 30. Some of them help maintain the natural oils in your skin that stop it from getting too dry…and other foods that dramatically boost collagen levels which leads to younger, smoother and finer skin. I’ve also listed other foods that detoxify the fluids under the dermis… (that important layer of skin under the surface) …which help new skin cells receive the nutrition to start growing rapidly and make their way to the surface. Next I’ll show you the secrets to deep skin repair by providing your cells with the most powerful antioxidants in nature. Unlike pills, and supplements, actual foods are completely bioavailable — meaning your body and skin cells soak up many times more than any antioxidant supplement out there. You will learn how to repair sun damage, and even protect your skin from harmful UV rays — fromthe inside. Yes, there is even a food that acts like a UV blocker used in sunscreens, but in this case, it’s a food you can eat. But you want to make sure you eat this one cooked to get the most out of it. And for a pennies, you can experience a spa-like rejuvenating lift right at home. You will also discover two powerful face masks that have been used for thousands of years …but has only recently been discovered to dramatically reduce and heal adult acne. You can eliminate the need for over-the-counter medications, creams and ointments that dry out, irritate and cause your skin to flake. Because these masks are so soothing, you can even clear up your acne, without any scaring blemishes. One of my client’s favorite masks is my “Reviving Dull Skin Face Mask”. One of the things we find more as we get older is a duller and more lifeless complexion. This mask helps exfoliate and dissolve dead skin and moisturizes and brightens the underlying skin at the same time. Combine this with the dietary adjustments you will be taught and dull skin will be a thing of the past. And let’s not forget, your hair! We could be wearing the best outfit, have the best figure and even win the lottery… but if our hair is messy, frizzy, or just downright ornery, we’ll want to crawl back into bed until it decides to calm down again. Luckily, you don’t have to invest in hair products that cost more than your monthly mortgage. No matter whether you want to fight hair loss, stop oily hair, end dry and frizzy hair, clear up dandruff, or eliminate split ends… you will have everything you need. Here’s my promise to you – when you follow my advice, and start to fill your plate, and your body, with these age-defying superfoods… you’ll be astounded by the results, you’llstare and wonder at the daily changes staring you in the mirror... and you’ll be astonished by the attention you suddenly get when people you know, see your transformation.