Are you a procrastinator or a mover and a shaker

Most people still have not figured out yet, that it is only when we all work together that we all make money. 

The "what is in it for me" and only me mentality, doesn't work anymore. Where has it gotten you so far? It is only when we all support one another that the world starts to move in our direction. It is the simple law of attraction.  

When we support one another we ALL win. However, most people here would rather spend $100, 200, 500, 1000 on the latest Iphone or Samsung, to show off to their friends how cool, well off and hip they are, than invest $20 or 30 bucks, to change the quality of their life forever. 

Then complain that, they have no money to start a business or put food on the table. Life doesn't work that way my friends. You want it, you have to go after it and make it work. One thing may not work for you, try another until something does. So don't waste your time on games or social media and get to work now.